Spottail's Death/Info
Spottail's Death cover
General info
Author Michelle Hellstern
Illustrator Michelle Hellstern
Language English
Rating 12+ (mentions of blood and broken bones)
Series info
Series Fleeters (series)
Proceeded by Greyface's Story
Followed by Fleeters: The Beginning
POV Third person

Spottail, Spotbelly, Murderface, Greyface and Blacktail

Mentioned: Bluecrest

Spottail's Death is a short story introducing the Golden Eagle by the name of Murderface but also Spottail and Spotbelly. It introduces the healer Blacktail and Greyface as an adult.


Note that this fiction contains blood. If this bothers you, please don't read! Fleeters is based on Warriors series by the Erin Hunters. Trust me, there are scenes in their books that are just as bloody! Hence, I would probably rate this fiction at 12-13+.

Also, Spottail is a dead redshoulder I found alongside the road. I gave him(?) to an ornithologist I know. This is more of a creative take on how he (or she?) died. Pretty sure the real life Spottail was hit by a car. :(

RIP Spottail - may your honour live on - thanks to Dr Butler. Also special thanks to Vara for inspiring me to write this! ;)