The Raptor Code is a set of laws governing all species of birds of prey, including owls.

  1. Always feed your mate and/or chicks before you. It does not matter whether you are starving, your mate must be fed in order to feed their chicks, or your chicks must be fed first in order to thrive and live.
  2. Remain loyal to your species. You can have friendships with other species, but you must always stick with your species in order for your species to continue.
  3. Prey that is killed is to be eaten or for teaching young birds to hunt. Prey must never be played with. Thank Aquila or Grus for its life.
  4. A chick must be fledged in order to become an apprentice.
  5. Do not hunt another species' prey. This law was enacted in order for other species to survive. Only help other species if they cannot hunt for themselves.
  6. Raptors must never tangle with nofeathers. Nofeathers do horrible things to raptors.
  7. A raptor must never eat a carcass that has metal rocks in it. Many inexperienced raptors have died from this. A raptor must never go near a nofeather with thundermakers.
  8. A raptor must be more than a year old to have a mate.
  9. Newly appointed warriors must stand vigil from sunup to sundown during the day. They must not talk to others during this time.
  10. A raptor must never have two mates. Always be faithful to your own mate. If your mate dies, you must wait six moons after he or she dies.
  11. A raptor must never attack another raptor unless it is trespassing.
  12. A leader is appointed among voting raptors. The leader must take the name -pteryx at the end.
  13. A vigil for a dead mate or warrior must be held all day. Elders of a clan must bury the dead raptor.
  14. Always take care of chicks or elders if they are starving or in distress, even if they are not of your species!
  15. Elders have sacrificed a lot for their Clan. Always be respectful.
  16. A raptor must never, ever FORCE another raptor to mate. It is their decision, not yours!
  17. Those who do not listen to the Raptor Code, or cause great pain or misery towards others will end up in the Great Hole in Earth.