File:No icon.png Murderface
Current: None (loner)
Cause of Death
Cause of Death: Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Age: Approx. 12+ years
Length: Unknown
Weight: Approx. 14 lbs.
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): Unknown
Book Appearances
Living: Living Appearances
Dead: Post-death Appearances

Murderface, a Golden Eagle, is a ruthless, imprudent and murderous raptor that kills for the fun of it. He is large for his sex, with large wings, large beak and talons covered in thorns from various plants. He has an odd stare, with a strange right eye, being red. His bill is unkempt, covered in blood. A large scar covers from his right eye all the way to his breast.

He is the one that killed Silvereye's parents, Swallowheart and Whitepatch.

It is unknown as to why he turned murderous and what his previous name is.

In storiesEdit

In Spottail's DeathEdit

He is briefly shown. Spottail mistook him for his mate, Spotbelly, but once he learned his mistake, he then realises that it wasn't his mate. Murderface mentions that he saw another redshoulder, and Spottail looks down to see his mate lying dead on the ground. Spottail is shocked and immediately flies down to her, and Murderface snaps his neck with a single blow.

However, Spotbelly makes it through the attack. Blacktail hates Murderface, and wishes to rip his smug murderous look off his face.

Based on...Edit

He is the Fleeters equivalent to Tigerstar or Brokenstar, as well as Scourge.