Greychick perched in a tree outside the old Kingfisher's nest. His nest was a burrow inside a bank. Three young fisherlets popped their heads out.

"Father, who's this?" one of the fisherlets asked. Greychick could tell it was a she by the way her voice sounded.

"This is Greychick, she's training to become a Healer," Bluecrest replied. "Greychick, this is my daughter, Rufouschick."

Another young fisherlet popped its head of the riverbank. "Hello," it said shyly.

"This is Bandchick, Greychick." The two chicks looked at Greychick curiously.

"Hello!" the last chick said boisterously. "I'm Azurechick, nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you all," Greychick said warmly. "Good to know you guys. Is it possible for me to fit?" she asked Bluecrest.

"Well, you can certainly try, Greychick." Bluecrest cocked his head. Greychick nodded. The young kingfishers moved back. Greychick fit perfectly, despite being bigger than Bluecrest and his chicks.

"Looks like I can fit." Greychick nodded while sighing.