Several hawks appared in a group, around a pool of starry water. Several species gathered, including Swainson's, Harris's, Red-tailed, Red-shouldered, White-tailed, Zone-tailed, Broad-winged and many others. Even kites, falcons, ospreys, goshawks, eagles, kestrels, caracaras and vultures and condors were listening too. Owls gathered around too, despite the fact that they were unlike the other raptors. Although they were of different Clans when living, they were joined together in the Great Star in Sky. Those who do not listen to the Raptor Code end up in the Great Hole in Earth.

"I sense a great evil upon us!" a Red-tailed Hawk proclaimed loudly. The raptors listened. "When the time comes, we will know when to fight. I truely believe we are safe, for now. Though I have a prophecy! An odd-eyed hawk will save the other Clans from destroying themselves!" The redtail bowed and stepped away from the water.

The other raptors murmured among themselves, wondering what the strange prophecy meant.

A whitetail peered into the pool, noticing the silver-eyed hawk. More and more raptors came and stared at him.

"But he is a falconry bird, what on Grus' green earth is he going to do?" a Mississippi Kite demanded.

"Who cares what he is!" a zonetail retorted, hissing.

"I agree. Let us just leave it at that." The redtail that had spoken before nodded.

All the birds left the pool except one, the silver-eyed hawk's dam. She sat quietly, feeling proud that her son was a part of this prophecy.